Waist training can be a great benefit. Again, the key to great results is persistence and dedication. Though results may vary depending on your body type and your level of consistency, satisfaction is within reach. Note that changes in your waist will not be permanent if you do not continue to wear the waist trainer. However, if you add a waist trainer along with a healthy diet, you will see lasting results. As far as safety is concerned, the latex in waist trainers stimulates thermal activity and perspiration. Remember…stay hydrated and listen to your body's cues.

Dos of Waist Training:
• Wear the garment consistently in order to your build tolerance.
• Listen to your body when you are feeling uncomfortable and immediately take the waist trainer off.
• Wear the trainer for longer periods of time, after you have increased your comfort level.
• Select a garment that best fit your body type.

• Order one size larger than shirt size
• Add a healthy, well balanced diet to your routine as a complement to your waist training.

• At Bedtime after your shower, Massage Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil, or Vaseline on your stomach, Wrap with Seran Wrap & Watch how much slimmer your tummy is the next morning 

Don’ts of Waist Training:
• Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience shortness of breath.
• Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience numbness in your legs.
• Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience sharp stomach pains.
• Don’t use your waist trainer if you experience any pinching or swelling around your midsection

• Don't sleep in your waist trainer


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